May 4, 2017

Do you know about Vegan Beauty Products?

With the growth of Veganism way of life in popularity, the beauty industry as well continues to change with it. Introducing, natural beauty products.

There exist common misconceptions about what being ‘vegan’ means and how it compares to a plant-based diet, in addition, all of the health and environmental benefits. Most people prefer knowing the ingredients and sources for what we put in and over our bodies. Moreover, we also feel better knowing we are using all natural and organic beauty products.

A point to note is that, being vegan isn’t just a diet plan, it is a lifestyle; which includes our beauty products. Thus a beauty product cannot be tested on animals or include any animal products in its ingredients. Shopping for vegan products, despite not being a vegan yourself, is a good way to make a positive impact in the world.

What does Certified Vegan mean?

PETA builds mutually beneficial relationships with not only cosmetic and beauty products but also any kind of company that promotes organic natural products, raise awareness, and support the implementation of animal-friendly practices, products, and services. All companies that use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo must sign PETA’s statement of assurance to verify that their product is vegan. Once vegan-certified, companies will then have the opportunity to share their “PETA-Approved” commitment to their consumers. This is done by using the logo on product labels and promotional materials.

This has helped consumers identify vegan products from just a glance while shopping. The logo may be used to meet individual design needs. For companies completely vegan, the logo is placed on the front of their website and/or storefronts further drawing attention to their “PETA-Approved” company as a whole.

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