GiveBack FAQ

How does Zue Beauty support the organizations?

We provide in-kind donations using the sales proceeds allocated for each project.

How are the organizations for the Give Back program chosen?

We would love to hear about your social or environmental cause. Fill the Application form here. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do the organizations have to pay any fee for being part of the program?

No. Participation is completely FREE! Giving back is one of our core values and why we are a certified B Corp.

How do you determine project goals?

First, we talk with the organization to fully understand their needs and determine how we can best help. Then, we propose goals, either related to an immediate need or to one of the organization’s ongoing initiatives. (Goals must be measurable and attainable within the community/area the organization serves.) Finally, we present the proposed goals to the organization for review and approval.

How long do the projects in the GiveBack program last?

We feature projects for 3 to 6 months. This allows time for us to raise necessary proceeds and for customers to learn more about each cause and cast their votes. We encourage Zue-Gooders to engage with the causes that really touch their hearts and show their support in other ways, as well.

How are project goals completed?

After the 3 to 6 months are up, we tally the votes and take action, doing what we promised. For each project, we post plenty of pictures and videos online. Through our website and social media, everyone who contributed can see how amazing things happen when people work together for good.

What other benefits do the organizations get from participating in this program?

Exposure and visibility! Through our website and social media campaigns, we build awareness for the causes and organizations we support. This reaches not only our customers, but also anyone following our Give Back program. We also proudly share contact information for all causes we support on our Give Back website so that interested visitors can contact them directly and continue their support long after the project ends.


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