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Amino Acids

Nature's skincare superstars!

While most of us have heard about amino acids, few really understand the role they play not only in the health and beauty of your skin, but the essential role they play in life itself.

All life on planet Earth is made of just a few of these life supporting nutrients. Every single living plant and animal share these same building blocks, and the only difference between you, me, the birds in the air and the plants on the ground is how nature arranges them to make life as we know it.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that amino acids are the very nutrients that make your skin beautiful. Every part of your skin is made of various combinations of different amino acids.

Conversely, when the skin becomes depleted of amino acids, the skin cannot perform its daily routine of repair. This leads to the skin beginning to have an aged, worn out and dry appearance. Without enough amino acids the skin loses its elasticity, sags, discolors, wrinkles and the radiant appearance of your youth is lost.

The sun, the weather, the environment and the normal aging process all can lead to the skin becoming depleted of amino acids. However you can fight back, by bathing your skin every day in these wonderful nutrients, your skin can look more radiant, youthful and beautiful with every use!

Amino acids are the key to the most beautiful,
flawless looking skin possible and
they will never go out of style!

Our proprietary amino acid extraction method

Zue’s proprietary method of amino acid extraction through fermentation of our natural ingredients is similar to the method used in producing yogurt, beer, vinegar, miso, soy sauce, etc. Fermented amino acids start with nutrients (starches, cane sugars) which are converted to target amino acids using microorganisms and enzymes. Instead of breaking a protein into amino acid pieces and trying to clean it up with solvents and chemicals, fermentation uses optimized metabolic pathways and specialized complex enzymes in order to “build” the target amino acids. It is the same natural way our bodies make many amino acids.

Zue Beauty plant based- amino acids are all produced by this fermentation process, and they begin with vegan-based sources, which are fermented for greater cellular delivery. For these reasons, especially if you are vegetarian, vegan, or are concerned with being Kosher or Halal, you should consider incorporating our products into your daily regime. We use the same process in all our amino acids—even amino acids used in specialty formulations, like our Daily Facial Moisturizer.

Meticulously selected ingredients

Clearer, healthy-looking skin through the science of plant-based amino acids and 100% natural ingredients.

These organic ingredients are harvested in small parcels by indigenous farmers in southern Colombia. Each master farmer specializes in one crop variety, which he meticulously nurtures for 6 to 8 months before harvesting.

This process is unique to the region and not only ensures the most natural ingredients, but guarantees freshness and quality not found anywhere else in the world.

Each aroma, each plant, each fruit used in our skincare products is full of the love, knowledge and care that our amazing partners put in cultivating every crop.


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